International Journal of Research in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

ISSN: 2455-698X

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Usability of intranasal drug delivery devices: Children and their Parents
Pages: 01-05  
Antioxidant activity of methanol extract and partially purified form of Loligo duvauceli ink
Pages: 06-10  
Validated spectrophotometric methods for determination of cefdinir in pure and dosage forms through charge transfer complexation using alizarin derivatives
Pages: 11-18  
Thiirane-containing carboxylic (fatty) acids and their biological activities: A brief review
Pages: 19-27  
Antioxidant activity of luteolin extracted from nutshell waste Arachis Hypogea
Pages: 28-30  
A concise literature review on synthesis and pharmacological actions of 1, 2 benzodiazine (cinnolines): Prashanthi Evangeline, Mulagani
Pages: 31-39  
Evaluation of topical formulations containing gingerol and piperine in rheumatoid arthritis
Pages: 40-46  
Investigations and CAPA: Quality system for continual improvement in pharmaceutical industry
Pages: 47-54  
A study on liposomes: Classification techniques and importance
Pages: 55-60  
Overview of regulatory requirements for medical gases and pharmaceutical gases
Pages: 61-64  
Isolation and partial structure of a flavone from Combretum aculeatum (Combretacea) leaves and antimicrobial activity of some fractions
Pages: 65-68  
GC-MS analysis and antimicrobial Activity of Sudanese Terminalia laxiflora engl. and diels fixed oil
Pages: 69-72  
A review on viral infection diseases
Pages: 73-75  
Vulnerability factors that influence the accessibility of outpatient treatment services at the Institute on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence for people with disorders related to drug use, Costa Rica 2017
Pages: 76-82  
Antimicrobial activity and Phytochemical Screening of extracts of Euphorbia cotinifolia
Pages: 83-85  
A study on major and trace elements in some traditional medicinal plants using AAS technique
Pages: 86-90  
Effect of colchicine on different growth parameters and seconday metabolite (Mangiferin, scopoletin and quercetin) evaluated by HPTLC analysis in ethanolic micro extracts of Canscora decurrens (Dalz)
Pages: 91-97  
Herbal facial cream from dragon fruit
Pages: 98-100  
Qualification process of drug development tools in different countries
Pages: 101-103  
Development of RP-HPLC method for simultaneous estimation of aspirin, clopidogrel and rosuvastatin in tablet dosage form
Pages: 104-111  
Method development and validation for estimation of Atomoxetine HCL by using UV-spectroscopy in bulk and tablet dosage form
Pages: 112-116  
The use of hypnotic pills due to perceived stressor among pharmacy students at faculty of pharmacy, Benghazi University
Pages: 118-123  
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